Sleep Deprivation?

A few interesting things happened this week.  First, let me preface this short article by stating that I have no idea how much sleep I have had since the birth of our daughter.  It comes in shifts and it’s hard to keep up with.  We both started with at least 36 hours of no sleep during labor.

Here are three things that have happened.

1.  I went to Target earlier in the week to pick something up.  I have no idea what, but that’s not important.  Target, and many box stores for that matter, is no less than 15 minutes from the house.  I jumped in the car as I always do and as I pulled into the parking lot at Target, I realized I had no shoes on.  Now this isn’t totally absurd.  I usually just slip into a pair of flip flops for a trip like this and I drive with the right one off so that I can feel the pedals and the flip flop doesn’t slip, causing me to accelerate or not brake, etc.  I forgot to put them on before I left.  I thought about paying someone to buy me a cheap pair so I would not have to drive all the way home.

2.  As has been the case since we brought Madison home, we have been up in the night for feedings and diaper changes.  In order to understand this incident, you have to know that I am a very light sleeper and the littlest thing wakes me up.  This is especially true if someone turns on a light.  Last night (early this morning) I woke up to Madison at around 5:30am.  We had gone to bed around 11pm or so and I wondered if Madison had gone all this time without eating.  I asked Allyson if she had gotten up before 5:30am.  She said she had been up around 1am.  She turned on the light and changed Madison in our room.  She fed her and put her back down.  I heard none of this.  I awoke to none of this.  Shocking to say the least.

3.  The last thing happened this afternoon.  I went to Costco to pick up some formula for supplemental feeding.  As a side note, Costco (at least mine), does not sell the liquid version of the formula we use.  Bummer.  Costco is farther away than Target.  I drove into the Costco parking lot and realized that I had not brought my wallet.  Really?!  Again, I had to drive all the way home, get my wallet, and go back to Costco to discover that they don’t sell what I was looking for.  I did buy some other necessities and a couple of “guilty pleasures” though.

Am I sleep deprived?  You be the judge.


  • Uncle Tom

    NO, you’ve just lost your mind… LOL