In just two short days, they have completed the rock on the front of the house and have “floated” all the drywall.  Rocking and bricking is a big mess, so you’ll have to excuse the piles of rubble in the pictures.

Rocks and brick on the front.

Rocks along the inside porch wall.  Bricks will finish the wall above the rock.

“Floated” walls in the kitchen.  Notice the double wide pantry.

More “floated” walls looking across the family room and out the back windows.

Even the wildlife likes to get in on the action around the new house.  First person to identify this track gets, well, nothing.  Good luck anyway!  Oh, and that is not snow.  It’s dust/dirt outside the house.

  • dad

    And how are you to identify the print if you don’t know how big the cat was?????

    • Chris

      That’s the challenge. Also, it’s probably bad photography since I didn’t place a size reference next to the print.

  • TOM

    From what I see, I think I really like your house. Too bad you are so far away, else we could come and visit. Well, maybe not so bad, from your perspective.