The start of plumbing..and the house moves!

During our weekly call with the builder we found out that we are gaining 3 feet more from the house to the fence in the backyard.  It turns out that the engineering plot had one number wrong which threw everything else off.  Thanks to our great builder for figuring this out before they poured concrete!  Wouldn’t that have been a mess! This doesn’t introduce much of a delay but it does mean that all the forms in the back of the house are moving forward 3 feet and all the plumbing put down so far is also going to have to be moved.  The house isn’t getting any smaller, we are just not getting a 3 foot garage extension that we didn’t even know we were going to have anyway.  It also means that we will not have any steps from inside the garage into the house.  Whew!  We didn’t want that.

Here are some pictures of the current plumbing drain line rough in.  They will all be moved, but it will look the same in the end.

  • dad

    the one shot shows a straight on view of the forms. Looks like your walls will be straight