I walked into the bedroom and found Madison and Haley just looking out the window together.  It was such a cute pose, I just had to run and get my camera!  Luckily, they were still looking out the window when I returned!  I wonder what they were looking at for so long?!?

2013-07-13 19.14.02 copy

Vegas Baby!

This month Chris and I were able to take a long weekend trip Las Vegas.  We stayed at the new Aria hotel and had a great time walking through all the different hotels, seeing the sights, and going to shows.  A few highlights from our trip were seeing the Bellagio fountains, Cirque de Soleil Zarkana, and just taking it easy while relaxing at the pool.  Even though we had fun, we missed Madison terribly and were excited to see her when we arrived home.

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2013-07-10 22.30.50 copy

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