This is my chair!

Haley is getting sooooo big!  She often spends time on “her chair” on the back porch.  No, that’s not a cigar in her mouth.  She enjoys rawhides and that is her current, mostly eaten one.  She likes them better when they are mostly chewed.

So many options

Last weekend, Allyson and I spent some time (Allyson a few hours more than me with her mom) looking around stores and choosing items for Madison.  It’s a bit overwhelming, all the choices that now exist.  Take bottles for example.  Do we get the curvey ones or the straight ones?  Do we get the big ones or the little ones?  Do we get the fat ones or the skinny ones?  I even saw bottles that preserve vitamins.  Now how in the world does that work?  Does anyone really know which bottle to choose?  Probably not.  I think it comes down to what the baby is most comfortable with.  Therefore, we registered for more than one kind so we can try them out when the time comes.  Another item in the overwhelming department–strollers with car seat options.  Have you seen what is available now?  Wow.  One thing I know for sure… we are going to be learning a lot and much of it as we go.

If you are curious what we registered for (or just want to get us some baby stuff… hint, hint) you can find out at Babies R Us and Target.

Baby West

We had our 20 week checkup and sonogram.  The baby was being a bit stubborn by crossing of the legs and just getting in the way of the sonogram.  After we were able to get a clear view, we found out that we will be having a girl!  How exciting!   Here are her first pictures.  She was moving around a bit so they are a little blurred.  We’ve narrowed down the names and we are leaning toward Madison Elizabeth.