Lots To Do, Not Much Time

It’s a busy evening so there isn’t time for many words.  We’ll just put up some photos for you to enjoy.  Oh, and we have a firm closing date!

Here are a few pictures of our new cabinets, counter tops and floor tile.  The counters are protected with a plastic sheet.  There also needs to be some serious dusting when it’s all done!

Master bath vanity (no faucets yet).

Second bath, also without faucet.

Driveway and sidewalks!!

More Pictures.

I got your attention with the title, didn’t I?  Of course I did.  Everyone just LOVES pictures.  There are really only 3 pictures this time, although there has been quite a bit of activity.  Let me just list what has happened since the last time you stopped by the blog.

  • Trim
  • Paint Prep
  • Cabinets
  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Doors

Things are moving quite quickly now.  This week we are supposed to have paint, finished electrical, air/heat vent covers, counters and maybe the start of the driveway.

Here is a picture of the front of the house with the brick and stone work done.

Now I will show you the magic of camouflaged kitchen cabinets.

…and now the back, with brick and stuff.

I’ll throw in a second view of the back for free, with less light artifact.  This picture makes it four, even though I told you three above.  Good thing you stayed for the credits or you might have missed it.  I was just thinking, if it snows here, that roof would make for quite a good ski run.


In just two short days, they have completed the rock on the front of the house and have “floated” all the drywall.  Rocking and bricking is a big mess, so you’ll have to excuse the piles of rubble in the pictures.

Rocks and brick on the front.

Rocks along the inside porch wall.  Bricks will finish the wall above the rock.

“Floated” walls in the kitchen.  Notice the double wide pantry.

More “floated” walls looking across the family room and out the back windows.

Even the wildlife likes to get in on the action around the new house.  First person to identify this track gets, well, nothing.  Good luck anyway!  Oh, and that is not snow.  It’s dust/dirt outside the house.

It’s a Picture Show

Today we have the start of (and almost finished) brick.  There is paint on the soffits, siding and columns outside.  There is lots of drywall.  In fact, it’s ALL up!  We even have the garage door.  It’s been a busy day.  Enjoy these pictures!


Wait! Why are our walls pink and who’s bathing in our tub?

We have gone through the pre-drywall inspection.  The next step is insulation.  What can I say about insulation?  Not much ’cause it’s pretty boring stuff.  It’s pink, and we’ll never see it after the walls go up so I guess I can live with it for now. 🙂  They have started to put it in and should be finished within the next day.  After insulation is up and they inspect it, we get drywall!  It will start looking like a house after that!  So exciting!

Some pics for your enjoyment.

The tub has a black protective liner and is full to the top with water.  Maybe they are watering the deer while we are away….