Almost Ready to Pour!

I’ll start this post off by saying that the 3 foot move I mentioned in my last post did not actually happen.  Through the miracle of math and what not, the only change was to remove the 3 foot extension from the front of the garage.  That means we are not gaining 3 more feet in the backyard.  That’s ok though because we are not going to have steps from the garage into the house.

Progress!  You can see from these pictures that we are close to having the foundation poured.  Hopefully that will happen early next week.  They have placed all the drain lines, vent lines and have ‘bagged’ the foundation.  It’s interesting to see how all this works together.  We walked around with our builder today and got a “tour” of what has been done so far.  If you look closely, you can even see where the dirt is raised up a few inches on the bags at the front of the house.  That is where our garage and outside sidewalk are lower than the house floor level.  It gives a clear indication of the layout.