The “Guts”

Our house is now “dried in”.  That means that it doesn’t matter if it rains from this point forward.  I really hope it does so that our oak tree out back survives.  Weather forecasts aside, the internals of the house are being put in.

We put little thought into to all the wires, pipes, tubes, electrical boxes, light boxes, vents and all other infrastructure behind the walls, but these are the stars–the unsung heroes if you will–of a house.  Day in and day out, these guys (and gals for you politically correct) do the work that keeps us warm, lit, clean, entertained, fed, healthy and protected.

The all important utility room that will keep our clothes clean and dry.

This is in the master closet. All the media, phone and alarm stuff comes in here. Pretty wires. I love wires.

Look at all the silver! The duct work snakes ALL over the house, in and out of walls. We’ll be sure to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter thanks to these silver snakes.

This box is where all the power comes to from all over the house. It gets fed by the power company and keeps all the lights on, the hair dryers running, the food cold in the fridge and the tv playing our favorite shows.

Keeping it all dry is our new roof. It’s up there already, getting an end of summer tan.

Moving Right Along!

Just last Sunday it was, er, Sunday.  On that day we had boards.  Well, today (Wednesday) we have siding, roof decking, foam board insulation, soffits, windows and more! Things are happening quickly and we are excited about that.  Here are but a few pictures of the progress.

The front of the house (obviously).  It’s not white.  That is just the reflection off the silver foam boards.

The north side of the house, unpainted. The area below the siding will be brick.

The back porch. They haven’t cut off the extra length on the post-tension cables yet so it looks as though the porch has whiskers.

The Boards are Here! The Boards are Here! (Happy Dance)

Once there were lots of trees.  Some of the trees became boards.  Then the boards became 2×4’s and 2×6’s and flat pieces and square pieces and long pieces.  Then over the last few days, all of those pieces became part of our house!  Take a look at some of our outstanding photography below!

The whole house (car is extra).


This is a view standing in the kitchen and looking across part of the family room towards the stairs.


This view is upstairs and is looking from near the top of the stairs across the children’s retreat. Of course, we won’t let any childrens up there until they put a wall or two up.

Concrete, bricks, wood and a… bucket?

During our pilgrimage to the house today we were excited to see a huge lump of concrete where there was just dirt, more dirt and bags of dirt!  The foundation is poured and we even walked around on it.  Isn’t it so pretty, all gray with tubes and pipes and stuff.

We also found that they had delivered our bricks and what looks like all the wood for the framing.  We are anticipating that they will start framing in the next day or two and that will be done by next week.  That’s a total guess on my part but I know the framers have been waiting to start.  Hopefully they are also waiting to finish and will jump right on it.


What is this?  Why is there a bucket–actually two of them–embedded in our concrete?  I don’t remember ordering the installed planter option.

Let there be health (and yogurt)

It turns out that yogurt is good for you.  I’m sure this is not news, but it’s exciting all the same.  You must be asking why I’m getting so excited about this seemingly boring news.  I’ll tell you why.  Yogurt Zone!  That’s why.  Yogurt Zone is a self-service salad bar of yogurt and toppings.  Allyson and I “discovered” this place a couple of weeks ago and vowed to make it our new favorite place.  It made it all the better when the counter person asked “Do you have a punch card?” to which I answered “No, but I’ll take one!”.  I will be happy to get that card punched over and over again in the name of health and sweet goodness.

By the way, there are very classy glass embossed signs mounted around the place that exude the goodness of yogurt.  I think I used the word probiotic about 2 dozen times for the 24 hours after our first visit to the place.  Go get your probiotics right now!