Four Months

It’s Madison’s four month birthday.  Here are some photos to celebrate the occasion.

Look!  I’m four months old today!


Psst!  Did I tell you I’m four months old today?!


You might think I just lie around all day.  No way!  I’m rolling over and checking things out all the time.  Be careful, I might just sneak up on you!


After all that rolling and sneaking and looking, I like a nice bath.  Here I am, all clean and contemplating my next move.  What’s that look?  Oh, it’s just my “I’m sad because bath is over but I’m not gonna cry” look.  After all, I’m four months old now.  What four month old do you know that cries?


3 Months!

We’ve made it three whole months!  Madison continues to eat and sleep well.  Her typical night is from about 9 p.m. to 6 a.m.  We’ve been told by many people that we are blessed, and we certainly feel like we are!  Madison is such a joy!  This month she became very vocal.  She makes cooing sounds at her toys, especially her yellow giraffe, trees, and even the stained glass windows at church!  Another special event this month was that Madison was baptized at the same church Allyson and I were married at just a short time ago.  We’re looking forward to her first Christmas and have attached a few holiday pictures as well.



Two Months!

Madison is now two months old!  Here are some pics to celebrate the occasion.

Yo.  I’m just chillin.  Like my hair?

What’s that?  How did you want me to pose?

Oh!  You wanted something silly.  Here ya go mom!  I thought I would bring my friend in for this one too.  Hope you don’t mind.