Gettin’ Big!

At 34 1/2 weeks pregnant as of August 12th, Madison continues to grow and we’re all doing well.  Allyson’s appointments are scheduled every week now and we are ready!

Haley is getting big, too!  She is almost 8 months old and enjoys going for walks in the neighborhood and playing with her stuffed toys, although they don’t last long!

This is my chair!

Haley is getting sooooo big!  She often spends time on “her chair” on the back porch.  No, that’s not a cigar in her mouth.  She enjoys rawhides and that is her current, mostly eaten one.  She likes them better when they are mostly chewed.

Flashback to January

Wow! I found this lost video on my Youtube page today when I posted the “Music From Under the Bed” video.  This was taken when she was just about a month old.  Compare this video with the other and see how big she has gotten already!