Let there be health (and yogurt)

It turns out that yogurt is good for you.  I’m sure this is not news, but it’s exciting all the same.  You must be asking why I’m getting so excited about this seemingly boring news.  I’ll tell you why.  Yogurt Zone!  That’s why.  Yogurt Zone is a self-service salad bar of yogurt and toppings.  Allyson and I “discovered” this place a couple of weeks ago and vowed to make it our new favorite place.  It made it all the better when the counter person asked “Do you have a punch card?” to which I answered “No, but I’ll take one!”.  I will be happy to get that card punched over and over again in the name of health and sweet goodness.

By the way, there are very classy glass embossed signs mounted around the place that exude the goodness of yogurt.  I think I used the word probiotic about 2 dozen times for the 24 hours after our first visit to the place.  Go get your probiotics right now!