Has It Been 8 Months Already?!

Yes! It has been eight months since our little princess arrived. She continues to grow so fast! This month she has learned to scoot around very well. She is still getting the hang of crawling and can get up on her hands and knees but doesn’t quite know what to do once there. She is experiencing new foods as she progresses through the food stages. This month was her first mostly solid food which were little puffed stars. She also took her first swim in the park swimming pool. I’m not sure she quite knew what to make of it but she had fun. This was also her very first Easter!

### 8 Months

### Mother’s Day 2013

### Pool Time

### Bath Time

### Crawling (Scooting)

Seven Months!

Madison turned seven months on April 18th! She is growing soooo fast! She is working hard on her words (sounds) and now says “Ma-ma”, “Bah Bah” and “Dah-Dah”. She isn’t quite crawling yet, but she sure is trying hard. She can sure “spin” herself wherever she wants to go, though.